New Installation - Wild Wild Wet, Singpaore

VLocker, Electronic Lockers, Wild Wild Wet

VLocker Singapore installs the latest in electronic locker technology at Wild Wild Wet Water-park, Pasir Ris, Singapore on time for their redevelopment opening. The installation comprises of four different sized locker compartments, Ten door cabinets for small back packs, Six door cabinets of the larger back packs, four door cabinets suitable for all family items and XL four door cabinets for suitcase storage when guests have check out of the Hotel. A total of 720 x locker compartments on offer to the public.

The electronic lockers are operated from Wall mounted type access terminals (multi lingual operated) guest payment methods are Note, Nets debit card, Master Card and Visa all access terminals are networked so guests can re-enter there hired locker from multiple terminals making the operation extremely user friendly.